Music/Audio Recording

High Quality Recording Sessions with selection of top quality microphones, Including Sony C-800G, Neumann U-87, & Neumann TLM 103. As well as the perfect vocal chain including 1073 Pre Amp, Distressor and/or Tubetech CL1B Range.
$50/Hr -$150/Hr

Voice Over Recording / Audio Book Recordings

Professional environment for voice overs, audio book readings, animations and video games Range.
$70 /hr - $150/Hr

Podcast Recording

Dedicated Space For podcast production, ensuring comfort, and crisp clear audio quality Range.
$70 - $150/Hr

Mixing & Mastering Services

Music Mixing

Utilizing Analog and Virtual Gear our professional audio engineers with Mix your song to radio-play quality. A hands on and dedicated process to bring your song to life.

2-Track Mix with 1 Artist ($125)
2-Track Mix with2 Artists ($150)

Full Trackout Mix

10-30 Tracks ($200)
30-50 Tracks ($250)
50 + Tracks (Starting at $300)

Mastering Services

Polishing tracks to final mastered version, this is to meet industry standards for digital and physical distribution. Includes standards for all streaming platforms, Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, Etc.

Price Range

Base Master Price ($150)

Can be packaged with mix

2-Track Mix and Master ($150-200)

Full Trackout Mix and Master ($250-400)

“Music is the Henny that fills the cup of silence.”

— Robert Fripp

Post Production Audio

Podcast editing and Mastering

Comprehensive post productions, from editing to final mastering.

Audio Book production

End-to-end production services for audio books ensuring clarity and engagement.

Video Production Space

Music Video Production

Offer studio space for music video shoots, featuring unique aesthetics

Commercial Video Shoot

Space Rental for production, commercials, fashion shoots and more.

Bundles & Packages

Recording and Post Production Bundle

Discounted packages , for combined recording, mixing, and mastering services.

Podcast Starter Package

Special Bundle for podcast recording and initial episode production.

Educational Services

Audio Engineering Course

Levels: Beginner and Intermediate
• Learn about Sound Engineering Basics, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Microphone Techniques, Mixing Fundamentals, Mastering Essentials, DAW training, Career Development.
• Weekly Classes, Weekend Workshops, or intensive courses
• Hands on Experience – Bring your own artist to learn to engineer, mix and master.
• Certification upon course completion.
30/hr , 60/hr & 90/hr.

Discount Ideas

Bulk booking discounts – incentives for extended hours or multiple sessions (payment is required up front or specific deposit)
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